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What is Taskeva?

A freelancing platform for the community.

Taskeva is a peer-to-peer freelancing marketplace platform, which connects freelancers and clients from around the world using the advantages of the Blockchain technology.

  • User collaboration: Referral generation and Co-op partnerships.
  • Financial inclusion: Removal of banking barriers and fees to unbanked individuals.
  • Digital currency: TASK tokens to be used as form of payment and a store of value.

Why choose us

A message from the founder.

"Taskeva further disrupts the freelance economy using emerging technology to solve all 5 of the problems. Using Blockchain and Cryptocurrency in a peer to peer model eliminates the middleman fees, makes payments immediate, and provides inclusion for unbanked people."

  • User experience: Freelancers can refer and collaborate with each other and provide more complete customer solutions, saving both parties valuable time.
  • Low service fees: Taskeva charges freelancers 10% service fee for fiat and 7% for cryptocurrency. No fees to consumers and payments are made available immediately.
  • Quality freelancer: Taskeva incentivize top tier freelancers which directly benefits consumers by providing a high quality and more complete solution.


Problems with Freelance Economy

High Service Fees

Average freelancers surrenders 25% of their potential earnings to middleman platform.

Payment Delay

Payments can take from days to weeks to settle. Not anymore with Taskeva.

Lack of Banking Access

The only form of payments are Fiat, major cryptocurrencies, and Taskeva coin.

Poor User Experience

Users waste valuable time posting projects and reviewing freelancers.

Lack of User Loyalty

Lead to consumers and freelancers jumping from one platform to another and undercutting platforms.

No 2FA Feature for Wallet

Lead to users get phished and lose fund. Taskeva wallet with 2FA and password for double protection.

‘Freelancing in America’: 2016 Survey

Freelance market is growing significantly year-over-year

U.S. freelance workers


Total earned

1 Trillion

Work conducted online


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Road Map

Q 4 - 2018
Token Created, Website, Roadmap.
Q 1 - 2019
Whitepaper, KYD, Exchanges, Launch Taskeva, Marketing Campaigne, Team Expansion, Coin swap to Masternode and PoS.
Q 2 - 2019
CMC, Web Wallet, Exchanges.
Q 3 - 2019
Add TASK to Taskeva, Exchanges.
Q 4 - 2019
Start E-commerce Marketplace.

Any Platform

All in your Pocket

It works on desktop, mobile & tablet or as online app via your browser.

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How it Works

Signing Up

Signing up for Taskeva is free. Only registered users can buy and sell on Taskeva.

Finding a Service

Find the services you need by browsing different categories, or use the search engine and filters to find a specific service or seller.

Placing an Order

Browse profiles, reviews, and proposals and contact seller for questions. Proceed to placing your order when ready.

Leave a Review

Request modification until satisfied or approve then leave a positive feedback when gig is done.



  • Name: Taskeva
  • Ticker: Task
Total Suppy 50 Billion
Token Sale 37.5 Billion
Reserve 12.5 Billion


  • Exchanges: Stex, Waves Platform



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Token Distribution

  • 60% Exchanges and Marketing
  • 15% Development Fund
  • 10% Project Team Share
  • 10% Reserve Funding
  • 5% Airdrop


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Awesome Team

Nghia Hoang
David Marrow
Chief Marketing Officer
Mohamed Nasrullah
Mohamed Sameer
Ibrar Ahmad
Quoc Dung
Community Manager

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